Turning invention
into market

Turning invention into market advancements.

There are many ways that Nuseed is making a difference around the world today. Here are some examples:

  • Changing rural lives in China with step changes in sunflower productivity and profitability.
  • Green bio-energy generation from unique sorghum crop types.
  • High quality, gluten free sorghum by converting the world’s fifth largest crop from feed to food production.
  • Productivity step change in Africa via hybrid sorghum introduction.
  • Healthy oil alternatives to the restaurant and food processing industry.
  • Land produced DHA-rich omega 3 oils for food, feed and pharma to reduce pressure on ocean fish supply.
  • More beef, pork, chicken and milk from the same amount of feed by enhancing the digestible energy in sorghum.
  • Saving water by delivering similar biomass and feed energy from drought tolerant, low lignin sorghum, instead of corn.
  • Healthier sunflower snacks for markets around the world.