Enhancing the
value chain.

Enhancing the value chain.

The Nuseed research team has a long history of developing elite genetics that bring improvements in many areas, including consumer preference, processing compatibility, and health profiles.

Our research and innovation efforts, a few of which are highlighted here, are all focused on creating better food, feed and fuel solutions around the world.

Lean, green Monola®

At Nuseed, we’re leading the way in providing a healthier oil solution to the food industry and, most importantly, the consumer.

Through our level of innovation and commitment to our Monola program, we can consistently supply a low saturated fat and virtually trans fat free alternative to palm, cottonseed and hydrogenated vegetable oils.

Monola is also an environmentally sound alternative to palm oil production, which in recent years has been responsible for the destruction of the some of the world’s most sensitive ecosystems in South East Asia. Learn more about how Monola compares to other oils in terms of health and production.

Wholis™ premium food grade sorghum.

We believe in the value of sorghum as a premium food source so we have recently launched our the latest innovation, Wholis™ food grade sorghum.

As a naturally gluten-free whole grain, Wholis sorghum meets the demands of health-conscious consumers while comparing favorably in nutrition to other types of grains. And its amazing versatility means that sorghum can be easily used in a wide variety of food products.  That’s why Wholis is a win-win for processors, growers and consumers.

Meeting the growing demand for omega-3 oils

With more people around the world seeking the health benefits of long-chain omega-3 oils, Nuseed recognized the need for an alternative sustainable solution to take the pressure off wild fish stocks, the primary source for such oils.

In 2011, we joined the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) and the Australian Grains Research & Development Corporation (GRDC) in a $50 million research collaboration to develop a high quality, sustainable, renewable and reliable source of omega-3 oil for human consumption.  Find out more…