Seed technology
with greater purpose.

Seed technology with greater purpose.

Nuseed is a different kind of agricultural seed company dedicated to enhancing food and feed value through seeds with greater purpose. We bring together experience from our locations around the world, and apply that expertise to delivering customer solutions on a local level. Nuseed products are marketed in multiple countries, with regional operating units delivering hybrids, traits, production techniques and seed treatments that are tailored to individual climates, soil types and markets.

Driven to innovate.

From research and development to sales and customer service, the people of Nuseed are dedicated to delivering innovation. We focus on three core crops with significant potential for enhancing the value chain: canola, sorghum and sunflowers. Our commitment extends to delivering solutions that work on a local level, enabling us to offer other products for specific regions.

Committed to the future.

With a unique commitment and passion to go beyond yield, Nuseed has developed tremendous depth of knowledge and experience in the crops that fuel and feed the world. Our dedication is not just to the industry today, but also where it’s going tomorrow.