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Nuseed to release a new breed of canola

Canola growers will have even more variety choices from next season thanks to the introduction of a new breed of hybrid triazine tolerant (TT) canola from Nuseed Australia.

Leading the range is HyTTec® Trophy, a medium maturity canola developed to give growers the best of both worlds.

Our new line of HyTTec canola varieties will combine hybrid seed traits, such as early vigour, a strengthened disease background and excellent yield performance, with the same herbicide tolerance benefits of the TT system,” said Andrew Loorham, Commercial Manager for Nuseed Australia.

Triazine tolerant canola is the most widely grown technology in Australia due to the effectiveness of its weed management system and Nuseed is the market leading TT canola seed supplier.

Mr Loorham said a full pipeline of HyTTec varieties was under development at the Nuseed Innovation Centre in Horsham, Victoria, with trials showing very promising results.

HyTTec Trophy is currently in the ground in both National Variety Trials and Nuseed’s own grower-based Crop Agronomy Trials across the country, and we look forward to sharing the results at the end of the season,” he said.

Nelson Gororo, Global Canola Seed Breeding Lead for Nuseed, said the introduction of HyTTec canola will give growers more choices for better crops.

We’re always looking at ways to advance our seed breeding expertise into new areas, so we’re excited to add hybrid technology to our portfolio to keep the TT program moving forward and give growers additional tools,” said Dr Gororo.

To reduce the up-front hurdles faced by growers when comparing traditional hybrid and OP options, Nuseed plans to use an End Point Royalty (EPR) arrangement for HyTTec.

Growers are very supportive of our current EPR arrangements on open-pollinated varieties and the EPR program for HyTTec varieties will operate the same way,” Mr Loorham said.

We’ve conducted extensive market research to get a good understanding of growers’ views on the factors at play when they’re looking at the current hybrid offers in the TT segment, and we’re confident we’ve addressed one of the main barriers with our commercial offer.”

Under the EPR system, growers are required to accurately declare their varieties at the receival point after harvest. The royalties are then reinvested in Nuseed’s breeding program, funding the ongoing development of both open pollinated and hybrid varieties.

Mr Loorham said Nuseed’s pipeline of HyTTec varieties would be complemented by a range of current and future open pollinated varieties to provide growers with the most comprehensive variety choices.

We are committed to ongoing investment in oilseeds research and innovation, mindful that growers need strong, high performing varieties that will deliver value to their bottom line,” he said.

The Australian canola market is continually developing, and Nuseed is well positioned to keep playing a leading role in influencing this changing landscape.”

Nuseed has been successfully investing in Australian agriculture for over 10 years through breeding and research programs.

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