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Cazenave Agreement Advances Nuseed Carinata in Argentina

Cazenave and Nuseed combine their market reach to substantially increase Nuseed Carinata hectares

Nuseed’s agreement with Cazenave positions Nuseed Carinata, a new sustainable cover crop and low-carbon fuel feedstock, with added revenue potential for farmers, for exceptional growth in Argentina.

This new oilseed crop is a non-food low-carbon diesel, coprocessing and biodiesel feedstock with certified industry leading greenhouse gas reduction. It also provides high protein non-GMO meal for livestock feed.

To advance growth in Argentina, Cazenave and Nuseed will combine their market reach to substantially increase Nuseed Carinata hectares; grown on existing farmland focused on the production window between soybean or cotton crop rotations.

“We are very excited and committed to developing Nuseed Carinata for Argentina and the world and this agreement with Cazenave drives substantial growth,” said Sebastián Bravo, Manager of the Nuseed Carinata business based at the newest Nuseed Innovation Center in Venado Tuerto, Argentina.

“We believe Nuseed Carinata provides farmers with a new source of income sustainability, from its synergy with low-carbon energy programs, in combination with the large-scale production of commodities on existing farmland,” said Santiago Casares, President of Cazenave.

In addition to added revenue from existing farmland and increased crop diversity, with weed and disease control benefits, Nuseed Carinata also provides proven soil protection and improved soil health through its massive biomass, above and below ground, and its ability to capture and reduce greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.

Nuseed Carinata is grown under contract as a cover crop and certified by the Roundtable for Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB). Current production is exported to Europe’s largest biodiesel producer, based in France, with full traceability throughout the entire supply chain.