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Meet the team

Introducing members of the Nuseed Steering Team leading the growth of the global product portfolio

Nuseed is grateful for its 250 employees, all of whom contribute to its vision and growth as a global company, delivering top seed, service and new opportunities to farm customers, as well as sustainable plant-based solutions to end-use customers. Here we speak to four of Nuseed’s eight-person Steering Team, to discover more about what they do and how they are helping steer Nuseed towards growth.

Introducing Brent Zacharias, Group Executive, Nuseed

Brent Zacharias Steering Team Growing up on a Canadian grain farm in rural Saskatchewan ignited Brent’s life-long passion for agriculture. After completing his degree in agricultural economics from the University of Saskatchewan, Brent started as a sales representative and quickly advanced into canola marketing, novel traits and healthy oil demand creation roles.

Nufarm recruited Brent in 2006 to become their Canadian Commercial Manager and two years later he moved to Australia to manage the company’s new seed business, Nuseed. Under Brent’s leadership Nuseed has become a global company with over 250 employees. There are world-class Nuseed Innovation Centers in each hemisphere, earned seed sales in over 30 countries, and developed R&D programs, advanced trials and facilities in Australia, Europe, North America and South America.

A word from Brent “Seeing the continued success of our global seeds business, and our VALUE BEYOND YIELD® growth with the recent commercialization of Nuseed Omega-3 Canola and our Carinata Renewable Fuel Program is rewarding and very exciting.”

Introducing Brent Javra – Nuseed Global General Manager, Commercial

Brent Javra Steering Team Brent Javra’s 25-year career in agriculture marketing and sales, and Bachelor of Commerce from the University of Manitoba provide the expertise and experience to lead Nuseed’s commercial sales and marketing teams globally.

Brent joined Nuseed in 2014 as the Europe GM based in France. He now leads the global commercial business from the Nuseed office in Calgary, Canada. His seed industry knowledge and network, in combination with international management experience and a strong team of regional general managers has facilitated Nuseed’s substantial commercial growth globally.

What’s the next big growth opportunity at Nuseed?

Brent says, “We’ve focused on four key crops and building successful seeds businesses in four key regions. That focus has already paid off with a rich R&D pipeline, substantial commercial growth in each region and connections with local growers and industry that enables us to deliver new sustainable plant-based solutions to global end-use food, feed and biofuel customers.”

Introducing Silvana DeLima – Nuseed Global Supply Chain Lead

Silvana-DeLima-Steering-Team Silvana’s agriculture engineering degree, MBA and her 25-year career experience enables her to drive growth, build high performance teams and efficient business processes. Her previous work at Fortune 500 companies in Mexico, Asia and the U.S., and her start in sales in Brazil, with advancement through marketing, product management, finance and supply chain roles, provides a wealth of diverse experience.

Silvana is a member of the Nuseed Steering Team as the Global Supply Chain Lead, responsible for four regions and over 60 people. She leads Nuseed’s integrated business planning, global quality assurance and operations teams.

What is the culture like at Nuseed?

Silvana says, “Nuseed has an entrepreneurial spirit and leadership team. We look for innovation that provides products that bring grower, consumer and environmental benefits, which are what our growing world needs. There’s a high degree of professionalism and commitment that our teams show daily and that makes for a relaxed and highly productive workplace.”

Introducing Leon Streit – Nuseed Global R&D Lead

Leon Streit Steering Team With his Ph.D. in plant breeding, Leon’s 25-year R&D career has focused on advancing plant traits from breeding, to leading research teams and programs and infrastructure development.

He’s held leadership positions in both North America and Europe, including Global Soybean and Oilseed Platform Director and Global Sunflower R&D Director. He has also lead R&D activities and teams of scientists across multiple research centers to drive process, innovation and product improvements and holds several variety and trait IP patents.

Leon joined Nuseed in 2017 and serves on the Steering Team, Nuseed Global Innovations Board and leads the global R&D strategy and programs collaborative approach throughout the product pipeline.

What are Nuseed’s R&D advantages?

Leon says, “Our R&D advantage is our rich bank of global germplasm focused on four crops with incredible genetic potential, that can be grown across all our four regions, and our plant scientists working at our world-class Nuseed Innovation Centers in each hemisphere. Our focus, in combination with our industry collaboration and commercial teams on the ground in each region, enables efficiency and considerable advancements proven in local conditions.”