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Nuseed Carinata Renewable Fuels

Our farm customers, industry partners, regulators, and end-use customers are key to building the Nuseed Carinata Value Chain with added value at each step of the supply chain, and for the world. Feedback from our stakeholders is important to the success of the Nuseed Carinata program.


Nuseed would like to ensure our Carinata operations interact responsibly with the communities where it is grown and avoid when possible any negative impacts. We welcome all positive feedback but understand that sometimes things may not work out as expected. Complaints, challenges, conflicts, or dissatisfaction with respect to the Nuseed Carinata operations should first be communicated to your local representative.  If you do not have a local representative or are unsatisfied with the local response please review our Grievances Procedure and email [email protected]

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