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Nuseed Canada

Growing opportunities

Nuseed’s global growth includes expansion in Canada.  We provide Canadian sunflower growers with leading confection and oil sunflower hybrids with proven performance available from our network of dependable Canadian distributors. After five years of local field trials we are introducing our first canola hybrid in Canada.  It’s the start of providing new choice and opportunities for Canadian canola growers.

Globally Nuseed delivers value BEYOND YIELD™ through dedicated service, locally proven canola, carinata, sorghum and sunflower seed for farm customers and new plant-based solutions for end-use customers.

Nuseed develops input traits for top agronomic performance while going beyond yield to commercialize plant output traits with new value and market opportunities. Nuseed’s Monola® and Omega-3 Canola, Onyx™ Sunflowers, Wholis™ and BMR Sorghum, and Carinata Renewable Fuel programs are global examples of OUR proprietary crops developed for specific end-uses and supplied by Nuseed Value Chains built through industry collaboration.

Over 250 Nuseed employees work across 11 global locations and two world-class Nuseed Innovation Centers. Established in Australia in 2006, Nuseed has grown to offer industry leading germplasm, advanced molecular capabilities, regional R&D and commercial trials with dedicated teams in Australia, Europe, North and South America, and sales in more than 30 countries. Nuseed is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nufarm Australia Ltd. (ASX:NUF).


Breckenridge Nursery & Regional Office

Our sunflower hybrids are born and bred in the U.S., Nuseed’s regional office and sunflower nursery are in the heart of sunflower country near  Breckenridge, Minnesota.  We plant our nurseries in sunflower growing areas so that we have the same natural disease pressure as well as other factors that affect our customers’ crop. 

Developing new hybrids with different characteristics that perform and yield better than current options requires testing a huge number of hybrids. The program’s diversity and the variety of products the company is ready to move forward is unparalleled.  And it’s large enough to diversify across multiple seed types.

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Woodland Innovation Center

Nuseed’s facilities within North America also  include the state-of-the-art molecular lab and breeding nursery in Woodland, C.A., where seed production and the increase of inbred lines is carried out as well as the development of experimental hybrid seed.  The combined expertise of agronomists, breeders and molecular scientists is a vital asset to Nuseed’s global sunflower program.

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Top quality production crops

To make all of our new and innovative hybrids available for growers, we have a highly experienced production team who are responsible for managing large scale crops that produce high quality seed. They keep a very close eye on these crops throughout their lifecycle to ensure that all Nuseed seed meets the very high standards our customers expect.

Helpful and friendly service and support

As well as the expertise in our crop breeding teams, we’re also very proud of our immensely dedicated customer service, logistics, quality assurance and business services teams who make sure our seed is thoroughly tested and quality checked before it goes into the bags that are delivered to your seed supplier and make their way to your farm.

Nuseed Representatives

We have a team on the ground to help with any questions you have about our products. 

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Mark Jackson

General Manager, Nuseed Americas

As the North American General Manager Mark leads Nuseed’s business, teams, industry partnerships and growth strategies in the region.

Roger Rotariu

Marketing Lead, North America

Roger’s 25-year career experience in North American canola crop production, including positions with Cargill and Bayer CropScience, will be key to facilitating Nuseed’s fast paced growth in North America. Roger started in 2014 with Nufarm, Nuseed’s parent company, as the Western Canada Marketing Manager and was most recently Nufarm Portfolio and Customer Marketing Manager, responsible for Canadian and North American cereal portfolios. He is also a current Director to the Canadian Seed Trade Association.

Alison Pokrzywinski

Sunflower Product Manager, North America

Alison started her career in agriculture as a sales agronomist in north central South Dakota working mainly with corn, soybeans, wheat, and sunflower. Her passion to help improve yield, oil content, disease tolerance, and lodging in sunflower led her to obtain her Master’s degree researching Genotype by Environment Interaction in Sunflowers for the Northern Plains at North Dakota State University while working in the USDA sunflower breeding program.

Trygg Olson

Field Sales Leader

As Field Sales Leader, Trygg Olson puts his 20 plus years in the retail agronomy business, as an agronomy manager and agronomist, to work for Nuseed customers. He’s responsible for Nuseed product support and market development for northern Minnesota, North Dakota and northwest South Dakota, as well as an increasing role in Nuseed’s Canadian sunflower business.“I love the opportunity to work with our dealers and growers to help them through the challenges they face. There is nothing better than being part of a successful harvest.”

Dee Dee Rezac

US Communications Lead

Dee Dee has been with Nuseed for over 22 years as an Administrative Assistant, supporting the accounting, sales, shipping, and marketing departments.  Now, in her role as US Communications Lead, she implements Nuseed’s communication plan, ensuring that customers see and understand Nuseed’s ambition to be the leading sunflower seed company in the US.