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Omega-3 Resources

Learn more about the Omega-3 canola project

What are omega-3s?

The human health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are well documented, however supply sustainability is being challenged.

How is omega-3 oil used?

DHA and EPA omega-3 oils are important for human and fish health. There are four key global market sectors.

How does this technology work?

In 2011, a research collaboration formed to develop a high quality, sustainable, renewable and reliable source of long-chain omega-3 oil.

What is the development process?

As with all innovative new technologies, Nuseed must achieve product development milestones and obtain regulatory approvals.

How will it be grown and marketed?

Pending regulatory approvals, this canola will be produced in a traceable system to protect the crop’s quality and value.

Who is Nuseed?

A global seed company focused on improving the performance and downstream value of its core crops — canola, sorghum and sunflower.