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COP27 Needed GHG Reduction Focus  - GLOBAL CARINATA Soil Carbon Reduce Emissions

COP27 Needed GHG Reduction Focus 

Following COP27 in Egypt this past November many applauded the focus on assistance to developing countries particularly vulnerable to climate change. One main criticism is COP27 did not bring enough to accelerating emission cuts. 

“There are solutions today to decarbonize liquid transportation fuel.  We cannot wait for future solutions we will need everything to combat climate change,” said Nuseed Carinata Head of Sustainability, Glenn Johnston. “It’s easy for everyone to talk about climate action, what we need to start is carbon action – real reduction, removal and restoring of carbon.” 

Mitigating climate change is going to take every good solution, looking both long term at new technology and infrastructure and existing technologies that can make substantial progress today with existing infrastructure.  Waiting years for heavy transport to electrify, as well as the energy grid infrastructure built needed to support it and the carbon problem compounds and the remaining 1.5 degrees Celsius budget could disappear in just nine years according to CarbonBrief’s predictions.  

Instead, solutions like Nuseed Carinata a non-food oilseed grown using certified sustainable practices between main crop rotations and harvested, can be crushed into low-carbon renewable oil for a drop-in fossil fuel replacement to help reduce emissions today. Its massive biomass above ground removes atmospheric carbon as it grows and absorbs it naturally through its extensive root system to restore soil carbon and improve soil health while also protecting against erosion and carbon loss. Production and adoption does not require new or additional infrastructure in field, during processing, or for oil end-use. 

“We are maximizing GHG savings from field to oil and are independently certified and audited so that hard to abate sectors can transition now with confidence,” explained Johnston.  “Governments and companies need to enable carbon reduction now and provide consumers and investors the data demonstrating they are making progress is available through our Nuseed Carinata program.” 


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Video caption: Prior to COP27 Glenn Johnston, Head of Sustainability for Nuseed Carinata was interviewed for the International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) video program “Net Zero – The integrity pathway” where Johnston explains the impact that can be made by transitioning now to reduce, remove and restore carbon.