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Plant-Based Solutions


The world has new challenges, requiring new solutions.  Plant-based products have the power to solve important problems.

Airlines and other major diesel consuming industries are looking for new fuel innovations to substantially reduce their carbon emissions. Carinata is a plant-based, purpose-built, drop-in oil used in biodiesel. When grown as a cover crop Nuseed Carinata doesn’t compete with food production and can reduce greenhouse gases by more than 145%.  Carinata sustainability is independently certified by RSB, a globally recognized, credible organization.

Learn more about the Nuseed Carinata Renewable Fuels program

Over 80% of the world’s population doesn’t get enough omega-3, an essential nutrient for eye, brain and cardiovascular health. Wild fish stocks are currently the most common source. Nuseed Omega-3 Canola is a reliable plant-based sustainable source of the essential nutrient developed for aquafeed and human nutrition markets that decreases the pressure on our oceans to supply it.

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