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Novedades y Anuncios

If you’ve been looking for an alternative to existing sorghum varieties, the wait is over.

Introducing Cracka and Rippa, the new generation sorghum hybrids from Nuseed.

With new Aussie genetics to ensure a solid performance in Aussie conditions, growers can expect an agronomic package that includes competitive yields and improved grain production.

Our commitment to the future of grain sorghum

  • Nu varieties: Two new sorghum hybrids, with more in the R&D pipeline for future release, ensure growers have access to continuing improvements in agronomic performance and high yield potential.
  • Nu opportunities: With their large grain size and high yield potential, these two new varieties open the door to future opportunities in emerging sorghum industry segments, including the ethanol and layer markets.
  • Nu Aussie genetics: Developed in Australia using Australian genetics, these two new hybrids are the result of a strong focus on providing Aussie growers with varieties that perform in Australian conditions.
  • Nu alternative: Growers now have the benefit of more choices when it comes to choosing a sorghum hybrid that suits their agronomic aims, soil type and environmental conditions.
  • Nu generation: What’s performed in the past doesn’t always perform in the future. New hybrids mean innovation and improvement, resulting in a new generation of strong performers.

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