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Commodity Canola

Looking for cutting-edge canola hybrids, developed from world-class R&D and proven right here in Canada?  We are growing our Canadian canola portfolio and distributor network, giving more options for a successful growing season

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Commodity Canola

New Ground


With a growing line-up of canola hybrids – including the TruFlex trait – Nuseed is building their Canadian commodity canola program with a focus on top of the line pest resistance and agronomic performance. Driven by research at our global Innovation Centers, Nuseed continues to develop proprietary canola seed screening methods for advanced blackleg resistance, keeping ahead of the ever-adapting disease.


Our global collaboration and commitment to R&D and innovation is helping Nuseed bring our best hybrids to Canadian growers. When you choose a canola hybrid from Nuseed you have the confidence of knowing that every seed line has been through an intensive testing and quality assurance process and is bred to perform.

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