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Aquaterra Tested and Proven in Commercial Scale Trials

Aquaterra® is the world’s first land-based source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, produced by Nuseed to deliver the nutritional benefits of microalgae via its proprietary Nuseed Omega-3 Canola.

After completing extensive live fish trials, Aquaterra® is proven as a partial replacement for fish oil in aquaculture feed. Commercial scale trials, undertaken in Chile, demonstrate inclusion of Aquaterra in fish feed results in decreased fish mortality, reduced dependency on foraged fish ingredients, and improved nutrition in the fillet.

Nuseed partnered with leading salmon producers and feed suppliers to conduct commercial scale feeding trials in the largest study of its type with a new feed ingredient. The trials were conducted over an 18-month period with 3 million fish across three sites. Safety, performance, and quality parameters were measured in Aquaterra® and control diet groups, and confirmed Aquaterra® provides an all-around improvement to fish health and aquaculture sustainability.

Aquaculture is rapidly expanding as a sustainable and efficient protein source. However, aquaculture depends on wild ingredients to feed farmed fish, and these resources are insufficient to meet the needs of industry growth. Aquaterra® ensures the sustainable growth of aquaculture by supplying a renewable and scalable source of omega-3 nutrients while reducing pressure on ocean resources.

“This study demonstrates Aquaterra® is a highly effective, sustainable complement to fish oil for the aquaculture industry which, until now, has been reliant on limited marine ingredients. It’s the first step in Nuseed addressing global challenges through the power of plants and agriculture” says Benita Boettner, Nuseed Global General Manager Omega-3.

Download the full whitepaper here.