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Nuseed’s Agronomic Expertise

Nuseed’s ability to offer growers agronomic knowledge is based on its innovation, experience and collaboration with various partners. Nuseed’s staff members have good agronomic knowledge because they are well connected with local farmers and have deep expertise in the cultivation and harvesting of the crops they work with.

Nuseed also collaborates with strategic industry partners around the world to build robust contract supply chains from field to end-use, ensuring quality, sustainability, and traceability of their products. Nuseed’s staff is passionate about unlocking the potential of plants to help solve global challenges like food security, human nutrition and climate change.

Alison Pokrzywinski
Nuseed Sunflower Product Development Manager, NA
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• Alison Pokrzywinski is the Nuseed Sunflower Product Development Manager for North America. She is responsible for promoting new sunflower hybrids through on-farm trials, public trials and training of sales staff. She has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business from the University of Minnesota Crookston and a Master’s in Plant Science from North Dakota State University. She is passionate about sunflower production and innovation and has led several training sessions for Nuseed growers on topics such as ultra-early sunflower genetics, desiccant use and double cropping opportunities.

Shane Naslund
Nuseed Commercial Agronomist, Brassicas
USA Shane Naslund

• Shane Naslund’s extensive experience and expertise in agronomy, particularly with canola, helps him enlighten growers on the crucial role soil health plays in modern agricultural practices. As a seasoned Commercial Agronomist, Naslund brings a unique perspective shaped by his years of working with various crops and addressing the specific needs of growers in North Dakota and Montana.

Logan Dyer
Nuseed R&D Agronomist, Carinata
USA LoganDyer

• Logan Dyer is a R&D Agronomist for Nuseed. He has been working with Nuseed since 2022 and is responsible for research and commercial agronomy for Nuseed Carinata, with a dedicated focus on feedstock production and the widespread adoption of Brassica carinata for sustainable aviation fuel. He has a Master of Science in Crop & Soil Science from the University of Georgia. Through his work, he aims to contribute to a more sustainable future by promoting the cultivation of Nuseed Carinata as a viable solution for reducing carbon emissions in aviation while supporting agricultural resilience and economic growth.