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Nuseed and Agrisoma Carinata Distribution Agreement Takes Flight

Announcements signal new market for Australian growers

Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. and Nuseed confirm they are in discussions to develop a distribution agreement for carinata seed. This announcement follows last week’s world first transpacific Qantas Airways flight powered by biojet fuel made from carinata developed by Agrisoma. Both events signal the beginning of an exciting new market for Australian growers.

Qantas’ partnership with Agrisoma marks a big step in the development of a renewable jetfuel industry in Australia – it is a project we are really proud to be part of as we look at ways to reduce carbon emissions across our operations,” says Alison Webster, Qantas International CEO.

This year Agrisoma’s second phase of carinata research and development is set to optimize the crop’s agronomic performance, and pre-commercial activities are anticipated as early as 2019.

Carinata, a type of non-food grade mustard seed, has numerous benefits for Australian growers:

  • resilient crop; increases productivity of marginal land
  • water and input efficient
  • decreases erosion, conserves nutrients and improves soil health
  • meal is feed quality and high in protein
  • uses the same equipment and agronomic knowledge as canola and wheat production

Carinata is grown and harvested much like canola. With Nuseed we have a seed distribution partner with agronomic knowledge, connection and commitment to Australian growers, plus expertise in production from grower to processor,” says Agrisoma CEO Steve Fabijanski. “Nuseed is the canola leader and an ideal distribution partner in Australia, they also have a global presence in other key regions.”

The Agrisoma carinata distribution letter of intent complements Nuseed’s own research and development programs for their three core crops. “Plant traits have amazing potential to address many critical issues like improved nutrition, sustainability, and energy. We are working globally to realize this potential through strategic partnerships and our own canola, sorghum and sunflower R&D programs,” says Nuseed Global Business Leader Brent Javra.

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Carinata, a type of non-food grade mustard seed, has numerous benefits for Australian growers.

About Nuseed

Nuseed develops unique canola, sorghum and sunflower plant traits for high yields, and novel oils and proteins with specific consumer benefits. Through their unique identity preserved programs Nuseed is also creating new value and markets. There are nearly 300 Nuseed employees, including the support of more than 100 research staff, working across nine global locations plus two state-of-the-art Innovation Centers. Since starting in 2006, Nuseed now has sales in approximately 30 countries and advanced trials in Australia, Europe, North America and South America. Nuseed is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nufarm Limited (ASX:NUF).

About Agrisoma Biosciences Inc.

Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. is an agricultural company that has commercialized carinata, a non-food oilseed crop designed for the sustainable production of biofuels.

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