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Scouting Timing & Protocols for Pest Management

It is vital to scout your sunflower fields periodically to monitor for sunflower pests such as insects, weeds and disease to prevent crop loss at harvest time.  Producers should plan to scout their fields at least three times throughout the season, if not more.

Following correct scouting timing and protocols is important when it comes to being able to make informed pest management decisions. By identifying the pest, and the extent of the damage and stress to the crop, growers can make informed decisions on how to move forward to remedy or control the situation from getting worse to prevent unnecessary crop and profit losses.

Sunflower Growth Stages & Pest Timelines

The NDSU Sunflower Production publication is a great resource for pest management information and scouting timing and protocols. View the Pest Management section of the Sunflower Production publication.
Sunflower Production Cover   NDSU Sunflower Production Guide – Pest Management Section