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Confection Sunflower Hybrids


Sold raw, roasted as a snack or used as an ingredient, confection sunflowers are healthy for consumers and profitable for growers.  Choose from six Nuseed confection sunflower hybrids, with Clearfield® or SU herbicide tolerance and top agronomic performance.

Our hybrids:

Hybrid name Seed Type Seed Colour Herbicide Tolerance Seed Size (mm)   Fact Sheet
X4367 Confection Striped Cl 17-19 Download
X4337 Confection Striped Cl 19-21 Download
X4334 Confection Striped Cl 19-21 Download
X4428 Conoil Striped Cl 12-14 Download
X9767 Conoil Striped Cl 13-15 Download
N5LE442 Conoil Striped SU 13-15 Download


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