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Onyx® Sunflower Hybrids

Onyx hybrid sunflowers are bred to deliver big, superior quality kernels to the confection market. Nuseed’s pioneer breeding combine’s high yields and the best agronomic resilience to stressed growing conditions.
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Onyx® Sunflower Hybrids

The Value Chain

With robust agronomic resilience built in, Onyx hybrid seeds are bred to deliver performance for growers looking to increase profitability and decrease risk by moving into confection grade sunflower. Clearfield and Clearfield Plus technology simplifies and improves weed control even with difficult problems like Broomrape and ACCase resistance, helping to produce a cleaner and more consistent sample.

Large, uniform seeds ensure post-harvest processing is efficient and will maximize the yield within the premium specification range. The distinctive all-black shell appeals to consumers who enjoy the pleasant aroma, rich taste and texture while at the same time finding them easy to peel.

Through the combination of breeding for yield, improved weed control from the Clearfield herbicide tolerance trait and the resilience of Onyx varieties during stressful seasons, Onyx hybrid sunflowers will deliver substantially higher yields than other hybrids and conventional varieties.


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