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Healthy high oleic oils good for consumers and good for growers

Nuseed’s high oleic sunflower portfolio delivers European growers hybrid yields, downy mildew resistance and herbicide tolerance. High oleic oils are considered the healthiest oils. They are high in monounsaturated fats, also known as oleic acid, and healthier due to not having any trans fats. Sunflower hybrids containing high levels of high oleic oils are in demand by oil processors for human consumption markets.

“Nuseed has developed a number of high oleic hybrids which performed very good in Europe, particularly in Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Russia during the 2017 growing season,” says Nuseed European Agronomy Manager, Dincer Eren.

For European sunflower growers Nuseed has three top performing high oleic hybrids; NHK12M010, N4HM411, and Cobalt 2.

NHK12M010 is a mid-late, high oleic sunflower hybrid. This hybrid offers good late season plant health, good oil content and top high oleic values. With high performance and an ability to resist multiple races of downy mildew this hybrid is a strong choice for growers.

N4HM411 is suited to a range of soil types. This is high oleic oil, high-yielding hybrid which can thrive under a range of different soil conditions. These traits provide growers with flexibility in field management while downy mildew resistance and Clearfield™ tolerant technology offer protection from weeds and diseases.

Cobalt 2 is an early maturing, very uniform hybrid with resistance to multiple races of downy mildew. With very good disease tolerance and Clearfield technology Cobalt 2 is a perfect choice for all sunflower growing regions.

Clearfield and Clearfield Plus traits for effective weed control, including Orobanche

Hybrids NHK12M010, N4HM411and Cobalt 2, all include the Clearfield trait for advanced and effective weed control, particularly of Orobanche (broomrape).

“Herbicide tolerance in sunflower will continue to be an important trait in Eastern Europe,” explains Nuseed’s European General Manager, Patrick Dieterich.

“The intensive sunflower cultivation in this area requires state of the art hybrids with genetic resistance to disease as well as an herbicide tolerance trait.   Clearfield is an important tool in a farmer’s arsenal to combat the effects of Orobanche in the field, its and manage herbicide resistance.”

The Clearfield and Clearfield Plus Production System for sunflowers uses conventional plant breeding traits to deliver season-long weed control and greater crop tolerance in stressful environmental situations, whilst contributing to increased oil content and grain yield.

“Clearfield is based on ImiSun which has emerged as an essential component of oil sunflower hybrid and confection sunflower hybrid production,” says Dietrich. “Since its launch in 2003 it has been adopted in sunflower growing regions around the world due to a wider spectrum of weed control; a higher level of consistency; greater flexibility in the timing of herbicide applications; season-long weed control, and a low rate of application.”