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Oil Sunflower Hybrids


Oil sunflowers are generally classified based on their oleic (monounsaturated fat) content. Choose linoleic or high oleic oil sunflower hybrids from Nuseed for early, mid-early or mid-late maturing and with  Clearfield® or SU herbicide tolerance.


Hybrid name Oil Type Herbicide Tolerance Maturity Group Oil Content   Fact Sheet
NHK12M010 High Oleic Cl Mid-late 46-49% Download
COBALT 2 High Oleic Cl Early 47-49% Download
N4HM411 High Oleic Cl Mid-late 46-49% Download
CAMARO 2 Linoleic Cl Mid-late 48-52% Download
IMPACT Linoleic Cl Mid-late 45-48% Download
N4LM408 Linoleic Cl Mid-late 49-51% Download
X4219 Linoleic SU Mid-early 48-50% Download


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