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N4H302 E

High performance all rounder

N4H302 E

With its elevated high oleic profile, N4H302 E is already proving to be a firm favourite hybrid with growers. Its early season emergence and late season good health, combined
with optimal head positioning against sunburn, ensures this hybrid always delivers. N4H302 E is an ExpressSun® high oleic hybrid bred to be adaptable across all sunflower regions.



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    Seed Disease Resistance

    DMR: 5

    Phomopsis: 7

    Seed Treatment

    Nuseed hybrids are treated with fungicide and insecticide seed treatment to protect your seed investment.

    Management Recommendations

    Plant Density Range: 55.000 – 60.000 plants per hectare

    Seed Characteristics​

    Seedling Vigour: 8

    Drought Tolerance: 8

    Flowering Uniformity: 9

    Late Season Health: 9

    Tolerance To Lodging: 9

    Seed Agronomics​

    Plant Height: 150 – 160 cm

    Seed Yield Range: 3.5 – 4.2 t/ha

    Oil Content Range (%): 46-49


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