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High yield and high test weights


X9767 is a high-yielding hybrid which has high test-weights – a valuable quality for processors. It is ideal for dehulling as well as bird food with good kernel to hull ratios. It also provides improved protection against downy mildew, giving the grower more confidence in high-risk areas.


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Seed Disease Resistance

DMR: 7

Sclerotinia: 6

Phomopsis: 6

Seed Treatment

Nuseed hybrids are treated with fungicide and insecticide seed treatment to protect your seed investment.

Management Recommendations

Plant Density Range: 40.000 – 50.000 plants per hectare

Seed Characteristics​

Seedling Vigour: 8

Drought Tolerance: 7

Flowering Uniformity: 7

Late Season Health: 8

Tolerance To Lodging: 8

Seed Agronomics​

Plant Height: 145 – 165 cm

Seed Yield Range: 3.3 – 5.2 t/ha

Seed Length Range: 13 – 15 mm


The Clearfield® Production System combines high-yielding seeds with broad-spectrum herbicides tailored to regional conditions, delivering efficient, long-lasting weed control, crop quality and global market acceptance. In 2003, in cooperation with leading global and regional seed partners, BASF introduced sunflowers into the growing family of successful Clearfield Production System crops that included canola/oilseed rape, maize, rice and wheat. Within a few years, the Clearfield Production System for sunflower had become known as an essential component in hybrid sunflower oil and confectionary production.

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