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Nuseed global R&D teams are developing world class sunflower hybrids for top performance in every market.  With our regional teams proving Nuseed quality in local fields. This in combination with connecting growers, processors and roasters to new markets and opportunities is our commitment to the success of the entire sunflower industry. 

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Onyx® Hybrids

With robust agronomic resilience built in, Onyx hybrids seeds are bred to deliver performance for growers looking to increase profitability and spread risk by moving into confection.

Confection Hybrids

Sold raw, roasted as a snack or used as an ingredient, confection sunflowers are healthy for consumers and profitable for growers.  Choose from six Nuseed confection sunflower hybrids, with Clearfield® or SU herbicide tolerance and top agronomic performance.

Oil Hybrids

Oil sunflowers are generally classified based on their oleic (monounsaturated fat) content. Choose linoleic or high oleic oil sunflower hybrids from Nuseed for early, mid-early or mid-late maturing and with  Clearfield® or SU herbicide tolerance.