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Nuseed is a global seeds business that offers localized support. We are advancing canola, carinata, sorghum, and sunflower by adding VALUE BEYOND YIELD for growers, end-use customers, consumers and our planet.
Our regional teams deliver top seed, service and new opportunities for farm customers in Australia, Europe, North and South America. Their local work and Nuseed’s global reach maximize our R&D and help build strong Nuseed Value Chains that supply sustainable plant-based solutions to our end-use customers.


Plants have incredible power to help solve important global challenges like human nutrition, soil health and climate change.
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Helping decarbonize transport and regenerate soil

Nuseed Carinata is a non-food certifiable cover crop contract grown for sustainable low-carbon energy feedstock. It reduces emissions when used to replace fossil fuels and removes carbon from the air, restoring it to help regenerate soil as it grows between main crop rotations.

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Reducing pressure on our oceans.
Improving human nutrition.

Over 80% of the world’s population does not get enough omega-3, an essential nutrient for eye, brain, and cardiovascular health. Wild fish stocks, currently the most common source of omega-3 for human nutrition, are declining and need protecting. Nuseed Nutritional’s Aquaterra® and Nutriterra® are plant-based oil products crushed from Nuseed Omega-3 Canola and developed to meet specific nutritional needs.

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Aquaterra supports sustainable growth for aquacultures, healthier oceans, and nourishes fish with advanced omega-3 oil that doesn’t demand additional farmlands or add pressure to marine resources.​

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Nuseed developed the world’s first plant-based source of total omega-3 nutrition with advanced plant technologies. Nutriterra delivers an ocean of nutrition with in a canola seed, including DHA, EPA, and ALA.​

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