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We're unlocking plant potential


Nuseed® is advancing canola, carinata, sorghum, and sunflower by adding VALUE BEYOND YIELD® for growers, end-use customers, consumers and our planet.

Our regional teams deliver top seed, service and new opportunities for farm customers in Australia, Europe, North and South America. Their local work and Nuseed’s global reach maximize our R&D and help build strong Nuseed Value Chains.

We’re connecting local farm customers and industry partners to deliver sustainable plant-based solutions, like Nuseed Carinata and Omega-3 Canola, to end-use customers worldwide.

Addressing global challenges
with new solutions.

Plants have incredible power to help solve important global challenges like human nutrition, soil health and climate change.


Reducing pressure on our oceans.
Elevating human nutrition.

Over 80% of the world’s population does not get enough omega-31, an essential nutrient for eye, brain, and cardiovascular health. Wild fish stocks, currently the most common source of omega-3 for human nutrition, are declining and need protecting.

Nuseed Omega-3 Canola is a proven, plant-based, sustainable source of total omega-3. We developed this land-based solution to reduce pressure on our oceans to supply the essential omega-3 the world needs.

Learn more about Nuseed Omega-3 Canola derived products Aquaterra® for aquafeed and Nutriterra® for human nutrition markets.





Decarbonizing global transport.
Restoring soil health.

The demand for Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and low-carbon fuel feedstock is growing rapidly as industries and governments implement carbon reduction plans to address climate change.

Nuseed Carinata is a globally scalable and sustainable low-carbon fuel feedstock that reduces emissions, removes atmospheric carbon, and restores soil carbon for improved soil health. It is an independently certified, non-food cover crop that protects soil by “covering it” between harvest and next season’s planting and does not compete with food production or require additional farmland.

Farmers are rewarded with added income potential from existing farmland and improved soil when they grow Nuseed Carinata as a contract cover crop. By following RSB independently certified and audited sustainable farming practices we also provide end-use customers with production traceability and quantifiable carbon reductions.

Plants have huge potential to solve

some of our toughest problems

Brent Zacharias, Nuseed Group Executive

Want to know more about Nuseed’s commercialization of new plant-based solutions? Read more in our annual issue of VALUE BEYOND YIELD®.

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