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We’ve combined our leading agronomic traits with strategic global R&D collaborations to bring North American canola growers what we’ve been bringing Australian growers for over a decade – high-yielding, profitable canola seed backed by Nuseed. 

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Whether you grow for oil, dehull, or confection there is a Nuseed hybrid right for every field and every market. Developed in the U.S. and proven under local conditions for top performance.

Crops - sorghum


Sorghum is a drought-tolerant crop that uses about one-third less water to produce approximately the same energy and nutrition as corn. With superior salinity and drought tolerance, it’s an ideal crop for arid or marginal land. Globally Nuseed is advancing sorghum’s use as a highly digestible livestock feed, for ethanol production, and as a high fiber gluten-free food ingredient.