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Certified sustainable production

Non-food and contract grown to help make a positive impact

Big potential between main crops

Using certifiable sustainable production practices to plant a modest 1.5% of the estimated hectares of existing farmland currently available for cover cropping, in just Europe and the Americas, to Nuseed Carinata could make a substantial positive carbon impact for growers, our soil, and our climate . 

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*Based on Rabobank cover crop acre estimates for actual agriculture hectares in North America, Europe, Central and South America
**Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) would be manufactured/blended 50/50 in compliance with ASTM D7566 – Standard Specification for Aviation Turbine Fuel Containing Synthesized Hydrocarbons
***Carinata estimate based on default life cycle emission value found in ICAO CORSIA Default Life Cycle Emissions Value for CORSIA Eligible Fuels – Nov 2021

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Building strong Nuseed Value Chains

Nuseed teams across R&D, regulatory, and our regional seeds businesses work with farmers, industry partners, processors, and end-use customers to build supply chains into strong Nuseed Value Chains that are efficient, responsive, and sustainable. Nuseed also manages each step to add expertise, create shared value, and meet specific customer contract production requirements.

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Growing global production

Our global Nuseed Carinata R&D and commercial programs are facilitated locally by Nuseed’s regional seeds businesses, where we are:

  • Increasing commercial production in  Argentina
  • Planning South American commercial expansion
  • Advancing commercial production in the  United States

Initial research and market development programs are also underway in  Europe  and  Australia .

Nuseed Carinata Commercial Production

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