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Nuseed Carinata

We’re helping remove atmospheric carbon and regenerate soil. All while growing a non-food sustainable bioenergy source that reduces emissions when used to replace fossil fuels.

Non-food, certified sustainable and grown between main crops

Growing Nuseed Carinata on existing farmland (after main crop harvest and before next season’s planting when fields are typically bare and exposed to erosion and carbon loss) helps protect land, sequester carbon, regenerate soil, and improve conditions for the following main crop.

Sustainable farming practices used to contract grow Nuseed Carinata are documented, independently certified and audited. The harvested non-food grain is crushed for lower carbon oil to replace fossil oils and the remaining meal supplies a plant-based non-GMO high protein co-product.

Contract production in combination with the Nuseed Value Chain enables many of the advantages of a vertically integrated supply chain for end-use customers, without the infrastructure and expense.

Drop-in carbon reduction

Nuseed Carinata Oil is recognized by ICAO for industry-leading greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions similar to waste and used cooking oil (UCO). It’s a scalable, lower carbon drop-in replacement for fossil oils that enables transport sectors to decrease carbon without the delay, expense, and carbon footprint of retrofitting existing fleets.

Through our ten-year off-take and market development agreement with bp we are working to accelerate market adoption of Nuseed Carinata.

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Bioenergy benefits

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Nuseed Carinata is a non-food drop-in solution that helps replace fossil fuels to lower emissions and maximize GHG savings with certified:

  • Field-fuel contract production
  • Sustainable farming practices
  • Proprietary crush process
  • Quantifiable carbon savings
  • No increased land use change

Soil benefits

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Nuseed Carinata plants remove carbon from the air and the roots restore it to the soil. 

This helps:

  • Protect against erosion 
  • Protect against carbon loss
  • De-compact soil
  • Retain moisture and nutrients
  • Remove weeds
  • Enhance biodiversity

Farm benefits

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Nuseed Carinata improves farm income through:

  • An additional crop using existing land and equipment
  • Secure contract payment
  • Improved soil conditions
  • Improved primary crop yields
  • In-field support
  • Access to new markets

Nuseed feedstock comparison

Scaling Nuseed Carinata Global Production

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