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Possibility for early harvesting


Red grain sorghum hybrid. Does not contain tannin. Resistant to diseases and unpretentious in cultivation with possibility for early harvesting. High yielding.


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Seed Disease Resistance

Mold: 8

Sooty blutch Fusarium disease: 8

Helminthosporiosis: 8

Fusarium: 8

Downy mildew: 8

Maize dwarf mosaic virus (MDMV): 9

Management Recommendations

Recommended density (as per harvesting, tsnd plants/ha): 130 – 150

Seed Characteristics​

Yield potential t/ha: 11 – 12

Tillering: 2 – 3

Germination: 8

Stress resistance: 9


Seed Agronomics​

Moisture-yielding ability: 9
Resistance to lodging: 9

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