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Adding Value for Each Participant and at Every Step

Nuseed Value Chains

At Nuseed, our focus is on solving an important customer need with a plant-based solution, then collaborating with growers and industry partners to build a Nuseed Value Chain to supply it.

Our Nuseed Value Chain — from global R&D, to local contracted field production and processing, to end-use customer delivery worldwide — is key to commercializing new sustainable plant-based solutions. End-to-end, Nuseed manages quality and collaborates with industry partners to add value at every step and for each participant in our supply chain.

Nuseed Value Chains include contract production of:

  • Monola for Australian restaurants mandated to convert to the heart-healthy nutritional profile of this Nuseed high oleic canola oil
  • Carinata to supply RSB certified best-in-class greenhouse gas reduction for international biofuel processors, and non-GMO meal customers
  • Nuseed Omega-3 Canola to supply a sustainable land-based source of the essential nutrient omega-3 directly to end-use customers