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Our teams are developing unique plant input traits for high yielding canola, carinata, sorghum and sunflower hybrids.

We are also creating new value added markets and shared Nuseed Value Chain opportunities through the development of OUTPUT plant traits that produce novel oils and proteins.

Our value BEYOND YIELD commitment is about surpassing expectations. Surpassing what’s typically expected from a seed and a seed company. Here is how we’re making a difference:

  • Land produced DHA-rich omega-3 for feed, food and nutrition to improve human health and reduce pressure on ocean fish supply
  • Fossil-free low carbon fuel and high protein non-GMO meal derived from carinata reduces greenhouse gas, increases carbon sequestration and potential revenue for farms; all without competing with food production when grown as a cover crop
  • High quality, gluten free sorghum to take the world’s fifth largest crop from feed to food production
  • Monola, a healthy oil alternative for the restaurant and food processing industry
  • Sorghum with enhanced digestible energy to produce more beef, pork, chicken and milk from the same amount of feed
  • Premium confection sunflower hybrids for high volumes of high quality product and specific consumer preferences for healthy snacking

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