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Sorghum harvest Argentina

Nuseed Argentina Reports Strong Sorghum Yields

According to official data, Sorghum production in Argentina will reach 2.5 million tons, with an average national yield of around 4.11 tons per hectare. This yield differs in some regions, reaching 4.9 tons per hectare.

During the 2019/2020 season, Nuseed increased its market share in the Argentinian sorghum market, specifically in the dual purpose and grain segments. Sorghum grew from a little over 450.000 ha to 500.000 ha.

Several farmers have reported high yields and excellent performance from Nuseed’s hybrids. On farms near Pergamino (Buenos Aires), Nuseed’s hybrid Summer II gave a yield of 11.500 kg/ha and the same hybrid in Baigorrita gave 7000 kg/ha. Other hybrids planted late, after wheat, showed yields of about 4000 to 6000 kg/ha.

2019/2020 saw farmer interest in IMI tolerant Sorghum increase. Nuseed Argentina anticipates further growth in this area in 2020/21.

They are also expecting an increase in demand from China. According to industry experts, China will seek to diversify its sorghum suppliers and increase sorghum imports from Argentina.