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Nuseed Carinata


Nuseed Carinata growers gain soil benefits and an additional income opportunity by adopting certified sustainable farming practices. From after harvest right to next season’s planting, when weather limits growing main crops, Nuseed Carinata “covers” typically exposed land to protect against soil erosion and weed pressure while increasing biodiversity, soil carbon and overall soil health. It’s also a new contract opportunity that rewards growers for adopting RSB sustainable farming practices to produce certified Nuseed Carinata low-carbon fuel feedstock.

Partnering with growers to deliver a globally scalable and sustainable solution to help manage carbon. By replacing fossil fuel sources Nuseed Carinata can reduce emissions, remove atmospheric carbon and restore soil carbon to improve soil health while it grows. Nuseed’s production is independently certified, sustainable and globally scalable, with initial commercial production already underway in Argentina.

Offtake and market development agreement announced