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Big carbon potential from improving existing farmland

By growing Nuseed Carinata on just 1.5% of the 170 million hectares estimated available for cover cropping in North America, Europe, Central and South America we could grow enough feedstock for one billion gallons of sustainable aviation fuel, annually starting from 2030, on existing farmland, without displacing primary food crops.  That in turn could remove eight million metric tons of CO2 per year.

“We could literally supply one of the biggest tools the world has to help mitigate carbon to help reach net-zero goals, and regenerate soil,” explained Glenn Johnston, with Nuseed Regulatory.   “We have a non-food, certified sustainable cover crop that has huge potential to make an impact now by providing low-carbon advanced biofuel feedstock to hard to decarbonize sectors like aviation.”

Additionally, growers, who in the past grew cover crops only for the soil health benefits, are now able to get an additional source of income from existing farmland without displacing their primary food crops. The Nuseed Carinata Sustainable Production Program also rewards them for the adoption and recording of sustainable farming practices, quantifiable through the program’s greenhouse (GHG) modelling and providing end-use customers with carbon savings to help them reach their net-zero goals.

Big carbon potential from improving existing farmland - April Carinata Blog Post Photo