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Nuseed Carinata


Nuseed Carinata is a proven and independently certified sustainable low-carbon fuel feedstock ready to help decarbonize transportation now. A non-food cover crop, Nuseed Carinata grows when weather limits main crop production, protects soil between harvest and next season’s planting, and does not displace food production or require additional farmland.

Nuseed rewards growers for adopting the sustainable farming practices required for independent RSB certification, which also provides production traceability and quantification of Nuseed Carinata carbon reduction. Nuseed Carinata is crushed to extract its oil for use in certified low-carbon fuel. The remainder is a traceable source of non-GMO plant protein.

Nuseed Carinata manages carbon three powerful ways:

  • Reduces emissions by replacing fossil fuel sources
  • Removes carbon from the air while growing
  • Restores soil carbon for healthier soil

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Proven in the field

Nuseed is currently increasing commercial production in Argentina and planning expansion programs in South America and the United States. Initial research and market development programs are also underway in Europe and Australia. Nuseed Carinata is well positioned to sustainably expand production globally, facilitated by Nuseed’s regional seeds businesses.

Our dedicated research, regulatory, business development, plant breeding, sales support and agronomic teams across Australia, Europe, North America and South America are working to maximize the crop’s benefits for growers and low-carbon fuel customers, and the environment.

We’re building strong Nuseed Value Chains by connecting local growers and industry partners to global end-use customers, and by adding shared value at each point in supplying new plant-based solutions.



Decarbonizing Transport Today

The recent International Air Transport Association (IATA) Net Zero Carbon by 2050 resolution to increase use of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) from 2% in 2025 to 65% in 2050, demonstrates the growing demand for sustainably scalable solutions that do not compete with food, like Nuseed Carinata.

Listed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as having similar greenhouse gas (GHG) savings as top performing feedstocks, primarily waste and used cooking oil, Nuseed Carinata is already recognized for its ability to deliver meaningful carbon reduction as a SAF feedstock, with the added benefit of scalable production.


Offtake and market development agreement announced