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Nuseed Carinata is a certified sustainable non-food cover crop grown, between primary crops to protect and improve soil health, for low-carbon advanced biofuel feedstock.


Introducing Nuseed Carinata.

Grown for cover crop soil benefits, harvested for revenue. Earn additional revenue between main crops, while protecting your soil and helping the environment.


Promotes high yielding crops

Nuseed Carinata is a harvested non-food contract cover crop that improves and protects soil between main crop harvest and next season’s planting. It’s grown sustainably to supply certifiable low-carbon fuel feedstock while it “covers” soil to protect it from erosion, sequester carbon, improve soil health and conditions for the following main crop.


Dedicated team support

Our dedicated research, regulatory, business development, plant breeding, sales support and agronomic teams across North America are working to maximize the crop’s benefits for growers, low-carbon fuel customers, and the environment. Nuseed Carinata growers can expect local agronomist support to assist with contract production and logistics.


Rewarding sustainable best practices

Our Nuseed Carinata program pays growers for what they grow and how they grow it. Growers receive contract payment for the grain harvested from the cover crop and for certifiable sustainable farming practices, like reduced tillage and lower synthetic nitrogen applications.


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