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Certified Nuseed Carinata Shipment Enroute to Saipol - 2023 CARINATA LOAD BOAT ENE023 12

Certified Nuseed Carinata Shipment Enroute to Saipol

First shipment for processing towards bp offtake and market development agreement

January 26, 2023

(San Pedro, Argentina) – In under a year since the signing of Nuseed and bp’s strategic offtake and market development agreement, the first shipment of Nuseed Carinata left the port of San Pedro, Argentina early January. The non-food oilseed cover crop was contract grown in Argentina and Uruguay between main crop rotations, and harvested to be used for traceable, independently certified sustainable lower carbon feedstock. The Nuseed Carinata shipment is now enroute to France for proprietary processing by Saipol, and the resulting certified Nuseed Carinata Oil will be delivered to bp.

“The Nuseed Carinata teams in Argentina and globally have done a tremendous job of working with contract growers to increase certified sustainable production and collect the data for accountability from field to oil,” said Brent Zacharias, Nuseed Global Group Executive. “We’ve connected local contract growers and global industry partners to add value through traceable independently certified sustainable production and greenhouse gas savings.”

“It’s exciting to be part of the Nuseed Carinata Value Chain. Saipol provides the proprietary processing of the non-food oilseed into certified sustainable lower carbon feedstock, as well as the co-product of non-GMO meal for a traceable plant-based source of protein,” explained Christophe Beaunoir, Saipol CEO.

In addition to reducing carbon lifecycle emissions when Nuseed Carinata Oil is processed for the production of low carbon oil, the non-food cover crop also removes carbon from the air. The carbon is then stored in the soil as the cover crop grows between main crop rotations, regenerating soil typically exposed to erosion and carbon loss. The Nuseed Carinata program verifies land use status prior to planting and incentivizes the adoption of sustainable farming practices. Nuseed Carinata production utilizes existing equipment, farmland, and processing infrastructure.

Nuseed Carinata is being scaled globally with commercial seed production already expanding in South America and the Southern United States, with development programs underway in Australia and Europe.

“The first shipment of Nuseed Carinata marks an exciting milestone in our strategic agreement with Nuseed” said Sven Boss-Walker, senior vice president, refining & products trading at bp. “We look forward to using the global reach of our Trading and Shipping (T&S) team to sell Nuseed Carinata Oil into growing markets and accelerate market adoption. Decarbonizing transportation, such as aviation, is a significant challenge and we are excited by the potential that lower carbon feedstocks can play in helping transform the sector.”




About Nuseed Carinata 

Nuseed Carinata is an independently certified sustainable, non-food cover crop contract grown between main crop rotations to regenerate soil and harvested for certified sustainable lower carbon feedstock. It reduces emissions when its oil is used to replace fossil fuels and removes atmospheric carbon while restoring soil carbon as it grows. Nuseed Carinata does not require additional farmland, and financially rewards sustainable farming practices that help maximize greenhouse gas reduction.


Traceable from field to oil through comprehensive production data, Nuseed Carinata is independently certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) under their Principles & Criteria which recognizes Nuseed Carinata as best-in-class in addressing key sustainability issues.1   Carinata is also listed by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) as a sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) feedstock with similar industry leading greenhouse gas (GHG) savings as waste and residuals, like used cooking oil.


About Saipol

Saipol, subsidiary of Avril group, is a European leader in oilseeds processing. Saipol develops value-added solutions for its customers and the most demanding citizens, by marketing vegetable oils and derivatives, oil-rich meals, and low carbon renewable energies.

The brands and solutions developed by Saipol for energy and food transition stand for a regenerative economy that finance the agricultural transition and agriculture role in carbon sequestration while feeding the world: OleoZE, OleoVE, Diester, Oleo100, Feedmarket, ColzAdvanced.

Saipol employs 600 employees in France and has 5 industrial sites, 4 of which run on carbon-free energy.


About bp 

bp’s purpose is to reimagine energy for people and our planet. It has set out an ambition to be a net zero company by 2050, or sooner and help the world get to net zero, and a strategy for delivering on that ambition. For more information visit


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