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Empowerment and Accountability Drive Growth

Within the last five years, Nuseed has experienced rapid growth. Brent Javra, Nuseed Global Commercial General Manager says there are three things that have spurred this growth: people, passion, and pipeline.

“We’ve recruited experienced people that have an entrepreneurial spirit,” he says. “We hire people who aren’t afraid of a challenge or doing things differently and are keen to collaborate within our teams and within the industry. We use their skills and experience to handle any problem we come across, and more importantly, we ensure we have some fun while we do it.”

“Our experts, their passion, and a hardworking team attitude have contributed to our growth and helped us accomplish so much in such a short period of time.”

With employees in the four regions (North America, South America, Europe, and Australia) are part of Nuseed’s integrated global team, they are empowered to operate at a local level to help local growers and industry partners get the best results.

“Our people have the power to do what’s right at the local level,” says Javra. “They can develop a segment that they see value in — that level of empowerment and accountability has driven our growth and provided the benefit of speed to market.”

“Our global and regional leadership makes sure we’re aligned and focused on our priorities. If we miss, then we adjust quickly. We’re only 250 people globally and we’re not chasing every single corn and soy acre around the world, we’re really focused in on our regions and our core crops most relevant to the region.”

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