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First Nuseed Canola Hybrid Registered in Canada

The registration marks Nuseed’s entry into the Canadian canola market, and the first hybrid resulting from Nuseed’s six-year Canadian canola R&D field program dedicated to developing hybrids for top performance in Canadian conditions.

“This registration is the first in an exciting new pipeline of canola genetics for growers in Canada,” says Roger Rotariu, Nuseed North American Marketing Lead. “Nuseed is the leading developer and supplier of canola genetics in Australia. Over the last six years, we’ve developed hybrids from our best genetics globally and developed them locally for top performance in Canadian conditions.”

This first Nuseed canola hybrid registered in Canada includes the TruFlex with Roundup Ready technology trait, providing industry-leading herbicide-tolerant weed control to western Canadian growers.

“NC355TF is an excellent hybrid that fits the wide geographic needs we have here in Canada,” says Van Ripley, Nuseed North America R&D Lead based in Saskatoon, SK. “With high yield potential, medium maturity and excellent blackleg tolerance, this hybrid has proven itself as a strong performer for the Canadian market.”

“Nuseed has leading genetics in the Australian canola market which is often severely impacted by blackleg,” continues Ripley. “By adapting the early maturity, harvest management and disease characteristics, especially unique blackleg resistance, Nuseed has been able to bring exciting new canola genetics to Canadian growers.”

For 2020 Nuseed has partnered with Federated Cooperatives Ltd. for the introductory launch of this canola hybrid, available in limited quantities for 2020. Growers interested in getting first access to Nuseed’s new canola genetics can contact their local Co-op Retail outlet.

Hot off the presses, NC355 TF canola!