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Wombat Packaging Australia

New packaging solution helps Australian farmers

Nuseed Australia has introduced Wombat 250 kg bulk packages to replace 20 kg seed bags. Not only are they transported easily and can be lifted with existing grower machinery, but they greatly reduced downtime refilling planters. They also provide the occupational health and safety benefits of reducing handler fatigue and injury too.

With Australian growers’ operations getting bigger, they are in need of more seed.  More seed means more seed bags and for many farmers the extra lifting to load seeders is problematic and a serious customer pain point.

With all problems comes opportunity. The Nuseed Australia team seized the chance to solve the grower’s problem and further differentiate the Nuseed brand in the market.

In just the first season Nuseed has seen more than 10% of some variety orders being switched to the new Wombat bulk packages- proof growers are open to new approaches to solving problems.

Having Nuseed’s new benchmark HyTTec hybrid triazine available in the new bulk sized Wombats is putting Nuseed ahead in the Australian canola market. Growers and the industry are taking notice.