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Nuseed AphiBlock trait launched in Brazil

Nuseed is leader in grain sorghum sales in Brazil, a position achieved through years of dedication, work, and care for the crop. Part of this, comes from Nuseed’s continued commitment to advance improvements and new solutions for producers. 

Nuseed responded to concerns from producers and industry about a difficult to control pest, the melanaphis sorghi, an aphid that causes enormous damage and sometimes even total destruction of the infested crop. Following extensive research into alternatives and new technologies to control this pest Nuseed has accessed effective new genetics with increased tolerance to the sorghum aphid (melanaphis sorghi), for improved development and resulting production. With the genetic advancement, Nuseed successfully launched the AphiBlock trait into the Brazil sorghum market, which comes from the words: 

  • Aphididae: represents the family the insect melanaphis sorghi belongs to. In addition, the words “afídeo” in Portuguese or aphid in English are very similar.
  • Block: which comes from the verb to block in English. Although it is a word that does not exist in the Portuguese dictionary, it is a term that is used widely in Brazil and easily associated with the word “bloqueio” from the Brazilian vocabulary.

The combination of these two words creates a term to identify the new insect resistant trait that is easy to understand both for Brazilian farmers and for Nuseed customers around the world. The trait name was officially launched at a large agricultural event in the Brazilian Midwest, Tecnoshow Comigo, generating a lot of interest and recognition from Nuseed’s customers. 

For 2022, Nuseed launched the grain sorghum hybrid Nugrain 400 Aphiblock, which includes the new aphid resistance trait, an early cycle, excellent plant structure and results in all tests carried out in regions with different soil and climate characteristics. These results generated great industry interest, anticipated orders, and great confidence in advancing the trait to more hybrids in Nuseed Brazil’s sorghum portfolio to continue earning the spot of market leader.