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Carinata carbon stewards

Supporting growers in Argentina

Nuseed is working closely with carinata contract growers in Argentina, helping them become ‘carbon stewards’, maximizing the financial, agronomic and sustainability benefits of the crop for their farm.

Carinata is a unique cover crop that provides an additional revenue opportunity on existing farmland between primary crops. It delivers many agronomic benefits by increasing crop rotation diversity, providing protection from soil erosion and dramatically improving soil health through carbon soil sequestration (the process of capturing and storing carbon dioxide in the soil).

Nuseed acquired specific carinata assets from the crop developer a year ago and has already been able to increase commercial hectares in South America as well as develop a successful program that supports its growers.

The program ensures success for farmers, and makes sure regulatory requirements and certification standards are met.

As part of the program, growers provide farm GPS locations, which allow Nuseed to analyse satellite images, certifying land use and compliance with market regulations, including verification that water sources are not impacted.

The growers must also sign a production agreement to follow Nuseed’s sustainability and business model. Nuseed works closely with them during the entire process to ensure Nuseed production guidelines, based on experience and local R&D, are followed. These production protocols include approval and certification of:

  • Insecticides, crop protection and fungicides
  • Amount and type of fertilizer
  • Approved desiccant use
  • Biomass remaining in the field after harvest


Nuseed also provides contract growers with direct assistance during harvest to help manage any key issues that may arise during the process.