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World-class R&D delivers plant-based solutions

With a focus on collaboration, Nuseed’s R&D teams across the globe are advancing what canola, carinata, sorghum and sunflower crops can deliver and are helping solve some of today’s biggest problems in the process.

Nuseed’s Carinata Low-Carbon Fuel Feedstock Program with certifiable best in class greenhouse gas reductions, and its Omega-3 Canola Program, providing the first sustainable land-based source of the essential nutrient, are creating new markets, building new value chains and demonstrating how agriculture can help meet important global challenges with new plant-based solutions. 

Leon Streit, Nuseed’s Global R&D Lead says, “Our R&D advantage is our rich bank of global germplasm focused on four crops with incredible genetic potential, that can be grown across all our four regions, as well as our plant scientists working at our world-class Nuseed Innovation Centers in each hemisphere.

“Our focus, in combination with our industry collaboration and commercial teams on the ground in each region, enables efficiency and considerable advancements proven in local conditions.”

Leon ensures there is a collaborative approach throughout the product pipeline, providing a unique advantage and ability to deliver VALUE BEYOND YIELD®.

Nuseed’s team are passionate about advancing science by working on hard-to-solve problems and coming up with novel solutions together. Scientific and technological innovation is at the core of what Nuseed does and it allows Nuseed to compete on a global scale with the largest industry players by being highly efficient and productive.