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Collaboration Gives Nuseed the Advantage - Nuseed News omega 3 collaboration

Collaboration Gives Nuseed the Advantage

Nuseed embraces a true collaborative spirit and is building relationships across the industry, and around the world to give the business its competitive advantage. Nuseed’s Omega-3 Program is an excellent example.  From the initial collaboration with Australian-based R&D organizations to teaming with local agents, agronomists, and contract growers in Montana and North Dakota in the United States to produce the proprietary crop for aquafeed in South America. It takes Nuseed’s global reach and strong partnerships for commercial success, three major partnerships have been key to Nuseed’s rapid global and portfolio growth.


The focus of Nuseed’s collaboration with the Grains Research Development Council (GRDC) and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s national science research agency, has been the pursuit of omega-3 oil production in canola.

“When we started talking to Nuseed, it was well-positioned in that it was an Australian company with some global reach, but it was more than that which made it clear we should work with them. They had a vision, and it was a big vision,” says Lindsay Adler, CSIRO Executive Manager, Business Development and Commercial.

“Nufarm’s leaders had the vision to expand the business into crop genetics and seeds,” adds Adler. “It was quite ambitious, but they were prepared to back that vision.”

“We’d proven omega-3 could be produced in canola, but not at the commercial scale. Nuseed leaders put their faith in us at a very early stage and put significant investment into it. And we, in turn, put our faith in a partner that we had not worked with this way before in developing, commercializing and marketing a new technology from scratch. The progress of the science and the commercialization, in fact, the partnership itself, has really worked perfectly.”


Nuseed’s team in Argentina has introduced an entirely new opportunity for farmers, following a pilot project with carinata developer, Agrisoma. Grown as a cover crop, carinata provides carbon reduction beyond what has been achieved by other plant oils, for use in advanced biofuels and bio-jet fuel. The initial pilot project gave Nuseed the confidence to acquire specific carinata based technologies and welcome the developer’s experts to the Nuseed team.

Atlantica Sementes

Nuseed purchased Brazil-based Atlantica Sementes in 2018, after working with them for over five years. Today, the Atlantica business is transitioning to the Nuseed brand and has provided the company with an excellent team on the ground and instant market access.

It’s a market where Nuseed sorghum is displacing corn acres, making the industry take notice and adding value to both growers and beef producers. The added value comes from Nuseed’s commitment to top seed and service, continued R&D to advance the benefits of sorghum as a corn replacement, and by connecting growers to end-use customers; all multiplying opportunity through collaboration across the value chain.

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