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Breeding the Core Crops – Carinata - carinata

Breeding the Core Crops – Carinata

Carinata is a new and exciting crop that has recently been added to Nuseed’s global portfolio which also includes canola, sorghum, and sunflowers.  The acquisition of specific technologies from the crop’s developer following a successful joint pilot project initiated in Argentina maximizes years of R&D advancing carinata’s agronomic, non-food, low-carbon fuel feedstock and high protein meal performance.

Quick facts on Nuseed Carinata

  • Proprietary global position
  • Novel industrial oil
  • Best in class greenhouse gas reduction
  • South American expansion
  • Unique downstream application
  • High protein non-GMO source

With Nuseed Carinata’s certified best in class greenhouse gas reduction, end-use customers are embracing the opportunity to adopt this non-food oil feedstock for a reliable and sustainable supply of low-carbon fuel.  Growers benefit from a new market opportunity and the incredible soil health benefits of carinata grown as a cover crop.

The Nuseed carinata breeding program is based in Saskatoon in Canada and led by Rick Bennett.

“Years of research and development have maximized carinata’s agronomic, non-food, low-carbon fuel feedstock, and high protein meal performance. Nuseed has the global reach and grower connection to commercialize the technology acquired while we continue to make breeding advancements,” explains Bennett.

Brent Javra explains how the addition of carinata fits perfectly with Nuseed’s VALUE BEYOND YIELD® strategy. “The reach of our seeds businesses and our ability to connect grower production to end-user demand in key regions will be our advantage in commercializing carinata globally. Our carinata breeding program will focus on getting the best results in the field, first in South America, with plans to expand production to additional global regions, as an excellent low-carbon, non-food oil feedstock for end-use customers.”