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Industry collaboration progresses R&D

Industry collaboration is essential to commercializing Nuseed Carinata globally. By working alongside The Southeast Partnership for Advanced Renewables from Carinata (SPARC) Nuseed’s growth strategy for future Nuseed Carinata R&D programs is progressing.

SPARC is a collaboration of regional land grant universities, 1890 institutions and industry partners represented by experts in basic and applied research, extension and outreach and workforce development.

SPARC’s work with University of Florida and Applied Research Associates, a chemical engineering company, and their patented technology for conversion of carinata oil into ‘drop-in’ bio-jet and bio-diesel fuels, has brought carinata to the forefront of advanced biofuel alternatives, by making it competitive with petroleum.

Focused on three pillars of research, extension and workforce development, SPARC is working collaboratively towards the five-year goal of establishing over 800,000 acres of carinata as a viable winter crop in the Southeastern US. The desired result – a carinata centered advanced renewables and co-product supply chain in the region with national and global impact.

Nuseed’s collaboration with SPARC, initiated by the crop’s developer, provides facilities, technology access and a network of expertise from field to pump. Nuseed will increase carinata production over the next few years with a closed-loop contracting structure for farmers in major soybean growing regions, initially in South America.