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Successes in Canada and South America

Nuseed’s global carinata R&D program is rapidly expanding in Canada and South America. The program is focused on globally scaling up Nuseed Carinata production to supply climate positive fuel solutions from a sustainable feedstock for best in class greenhouse gas reduction.

The team based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada has already accomplished a great deal. Nuseed Carinata R&D Leader Rick Bennett shared the team’s top five accomplishments:

  1. Expanded nursery operations now include both canola and carinata programs
  2. Successful increase in important A line and advanced hybrid seed for testing
  3. Seed increases of top herbicide tolerant selections (Imi & Dicamba)
  4. Seed for new populations available for screening in South America and globally
  5. Collaborating with Agriculture and Agri-food Canada (AAFC)

Parent seed production in South America has also seen fantastic growth. Nuseed Carinata has been demonstrating its ability to provide massive biomass in the field and extensive root systems, ideal for high oil yields, maximum carbon sequestration and soil health improvements.

Nuseed’s Carinata R&D team is continuing to focus on agronomic improvements, with a pipeline that includes:

  • Hybrids
  • Herbicide tolerance
  • Improved yield potential
  • Frost tolerance
  • Early maturing / shorter cycle
  • Lodging resistance

2020 marks the first year of Nuseed Carinata’s R&D and Commercial programs, and progress has been nothing short of incredible.  This team of experts is focused on maximizing Nuseed Carinata’s potential to become the ideal low-carbon fuel feedstock certifiable for best in class GHG reduction and carbon sequestration.  With the incredible progress in year one, many in the biofuels industry are taking notice – from R&D and facilitating global regulatory approvals, to connecting growers and industry, the Nuseed Carinata Value Chain ensures certifiable supply and provides new opportunities and value.

Learn more about the Nuseed Carinata R&D program in this short video.

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