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Commitment to Excellence Through Stewardship Protects Omega-3

Nuseed is a member of Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS) and has achieved ETS certification under the extensive ETS protocols.

ETS is a global non-profit organization that promotes the universal adoption of product stewardship programs and quality management systems for the full life cycle of agricultural technology products.

The ETS Stewardship Audit Process involves independent third-party audits of operations to verify that stewardship programs and quality management systems are in place.

Nuseed omega-3 canola is traced through the identity-preserved system, with set checkpoints with lot number, seal number, field, and bin GPS and sample testing for quality, genetics, and fatty acids at every point of transition from field to receiver. This protects the value of Nuseed omega-3 canola that Aquaterra® (for aqua feed markets) and Nutriterra® (for human nutrition) are derived from.

ETS certification aligns with Nuseed’s commitment to stewardship and is a responsible way to manage biotech plant products through their life cycle, discovery, and development through to commercialization.

Mike Connelly, Regulatory, Stewardship and Compliance Manager for Nuseed says: “The independent third-party ETS certification process aligns with Nuseed’s commitment to stewardship by protecting our proprietary crops, strengthening industry compliance and building public trust.”

It ensures the stewarded production of Nuseed’s novel oils, helps limit liability, and positions them as a professional partner in collaborations with other seed companies, who are also ETS members.

The process validates Nuseed’s commitment to their end-use customers. 

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