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5 Critical Steps in Ag Revolution - DSC 0498

5 Critical Steps in Ag Revolution

Nuseed is differentiated by its ability to identify major market trends, to establish new models and make new value chain connections, and to achieve new end-to-end technology breakthroughs.

Nuseed’s Global Group Executive, Brent Zacharias says: “We are at the tip of a major agricultural revolution, one that multiplies its value, but more importantly, solves some of the major issues facing the world. Our focus is on being a major player in improving the vitality and value of agriculture. We will be a leader in serving the world by delivering new sustainable plant-based solutions to major issues that aren’t currently being addressed.”

To determine Nuseed’s success in this agricultural revolution, Zacharias says there are five critical things that need to be achieved. These are:

  1. Start with people

We require a unique team with distinct expertise. Already in our company today, and by extension through our collaborations, we have and will continue to build combined and unprecedented levels of expertise.

  1. The right attitude

Defined by our company culture, we are here to build value for others, to share, have fun, stay remarkably fast and agile, and be truly committed to collaboration and being an industry leader.

  1. Intense focus on core crops with huge potential

We will produce and market sustainable, innovative, and unparalleled oil and protein solutions, unlocking the full value within canola, carinata, sunflower, and sorghum.

  1. Targeted acquisitions

To ensure delivery of innovations and to attract more opportunities, Nuseed will continue to grow our scale, infrastructure, capability, and R&D pipelines, and ensure global relevance in key markets. By actively looking at all opportunities in our space, Nuseed’s growth strategy will continue to include technology acquisition in different forms, such as intellectual property creation, investment in start-up technologies, and more.

  1. Solve big problems

At Nuseed, we seek to add and share value. Our vision is to go beyond input agriculture, to integrate industries – and in some situations, we will disrupt and make certain technologies and practices obsolete. We will solve big problems never served by agriculture before.

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