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Exciting news for Nuseed’s Nutriterra®

Nutriterra® received notice from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) acknowledging Nutriterra Total Omega-3 as a New Dietary Ingredient (NDI). 

So, does this mean that Nutriterra is “approved”? Well, yes and no. The FDA doesn’t “approve” new ingredients as much as they evaluate safety claims. This recognition as a New Dietary Ingredient means Nuseed’s regulatory team submitted data that demonstrated Nutriterra oil is safe for human use in dietary supplements. The FDA accepted the team’s analysis without objection. 

Many new ingredients enter the dietary supplement market each year without an FDA review. While the process is time-consuming and rigorous, this acknowledgment provides confidence in our commitment to safety and quality. This is especially important for Nutriterra, as consumers gain more comfort with biotech ingredients.

Unlike many other biotech products on the market, which emphasize grower benefits like pest resistance, Nutriterra offers clear consumer benefits. Nuseed created the world’s first plant-based total omega-3 through sophisticated biotechnology. Adding microalgae genetics to canola provides the pathway to create LC-PUFA including DHA+EPA in a sustainable, non-marine crop. Nuseed conducted robust field trials and extensive regulatory studies that have confirmed product safety, as well as its value as an effective and reliable new source of omega-3 oils.

While the health benefits of omega-3 fatty acids are well known, few people consume enough of these essential nutrients. Consumer research attributes this to the sensory experience and ocean health concerns of fish oil, leading to a strong preference for plant-based omega-3s. The high cost of algae oil is also prohibitive to price-sensitive consumers. With FDA recognition that Nutriterra is a safe new dietary ingredient, Nutriterra can attract new, progressive consumers and invigorate the omega-3 category.


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